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To find out more about Aspergers and Autism                               The National Autistic Society

Looking for diagnosis in Yorkshire                                               Sheffield Asperger Syndrome Service     

A guide for parents, professionals and people with Asperger's Syndrome and their partners    Tony Attwood 

Counselling, assessment services and Cassandra Workshops        Maxine Aston

Relationships, girls/women with Aspergers and employment.        help4aspergers

For the neurotypical who is in a relationship with someone who has Autism Spectrum including Asperger's Syndrome.    The Neurotypical Site

Australian website with  articles and research materials including case histories of Aspergers partners           Families of Adults Affected by Aspergers Syndrome

Information on Asperger Marriages                                                                     Kathy Marshack
Free advice and guidance for autistic people who suffer with an addiction to drugs or alcohol                Rehab Recovery

Online support and forums

For an active and friendly online community and discussion forum     Wrong Planet 

Uk based site and forum                                                           Aspergernauts                                                 

Support forum for Aspergers partners                                   AS and Relationships that Work 

New online support forums for male/female NT/aspies         Aspergers and Autism Communication Across the Spectrum

Support forum for Aspergers partners.                                  AspergersAndOtherHalf · "The Other Half of Asperger's Syndrome" 

Support forum for Aspergers partners.                                    AspergatedWives · Asperger Spouses 

Online support forum for partners & family of adults with ASD    Aspergers Syndrome: Partners & family of adults with ASD 

*NEW UK website for Aspergers Partners                                              

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